- Jul 13, 2015
While most of us know that fruit is an important part of a balanced diet, why not incorporate these naturally sweet snacks into your wardrobe as well with fruit-infused fashion pieces? With summer in full swing, these colorful garments will help you celebrate your favorite seasonal fruits.

One of the biggest reasons that fruit has become a source of fashion inspiration is due to its naturally vibrant colors. From bright pink watermelons to vibrant yellow pineapples, fruit features a bold color palette that can only be found in nature. If you're looking for a pop of color, look no further than a bold fruit-inspired hue.

Beyond color, these seasonal pieces also draw inspiration from the playful shapes and designs of different fruits. For example, the circular shape of grapefruits and watermelons are perfect for making vibrant purses and clutches. Other fruit-inspired fashion pieces draw inspiration from more unusually shaped fruits such as spiky pineapples and curved bananas.

From Flirty Watermelon Swimsuits to Pineapple Patterned Hats: