This Sweet S'mores Waffle Cone is Made Using Graham Crackers

 - Mar 16, 2015
References: dudefoods
Using a waffle cone maker, food blogger Nick Chipman of DudeFoods created a S'mores Cone. Instead of filling the cone with ice cream, however, he stuffed s'mores ingredients in there. His latest waffle cone recipe follows a variety of other cone-shaped dishes, such as Cereal-Based Ice Cream Cones, Homemade Cheesy Macaroni Cones and Conical Thanksgiving Meals.

The S'mores cone doesn't merely contain marshmallows and melted chocolate. This treat also uses crushed up graham crackers as a base ingredient for the cone. The cone is then filled to overflow with mini marshmallows and melted Hershey's chocolate.

While this recipe is hardly convenient for camping, it makes for a delicious treat you can make at home and easily customize.