The Vulgar Chef's StufZ S'Mores are a New Take on the Campfire Classic

 - Jan 23, 2015
References: buystufz & thevulgarchef
Similar to his campfire treat waffles, this stuffed s'more by The Vulgar Chef puts a creative spin on how to make the graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow snack. Instead of using the raw ingredients or assembling them in breakfast food form, this version uses the StufZ product from Chef Brian Duffy.

Using one packet of crushed up graham crackers mixed with two eggs as the outside, the filling consists of marshmallow and chocolate. The whole thing is cooked, resulting in a campfire confectionery sandwich. The food blogger notes he also could have used peanut butter in the recipe.

If you have the StufZ or a similar stuffing tool, you can make your own stuffed s'more and customize to fit your own tastes.