Varpunen Baskets Mix Pastel and Ombre Together

These Varpunen baskets are a wonderful complementary item for any style-conscious home. Colored delicately in the ever-popular ombre style, these are a subtle way of integrating interesting hues into the home.

Available in a variety of colors, each with a dip-dye style, these stackable baskets are multifunctional and open to much interpretation. Perfect for children's rooms given their color, these are likely to appeal to parents as well. In addition to their beautiful appearance, these baskets are also designs to collapse when not in use. Functional and beautiful, the baskets are a design wonder making a splash across the design-focused blogosphere.

Great on their own and looking even better when paired together, the rainbow of color choices is bound to tempt buyers into picking more than just one of these multipurpose holders.