These Technicolor Quilt Patterns are Made with Hexagons Rather than Squares

 - Jul 17, 2014
References: craftypod & makezine
This DIY quilt pattern creatively replaces traditional fabric squares and triangles with rainbow hexagons to recreate an artisan color wheel. The end result is a breathtaking quilt that looks beautiful either as a bedspread or hanging wall piece.

To make this technicolor quilt begin by cutting out pieces of colorful fabric into the shape of hexagons. Remember to use fabrics from all shades of the rainbow. Ideally you should have 12 different colored hexagons that can be stacked in a triangle to replicate the look of a painter's color wheel. Once all the hexagons are cut arrange the red, yellow and blue hexagons in the middle and place the rest of the hexagons around them to create a gradient effect. Replicate the color wheel several times to continue a rainbow pattern.