These Homemade Dip-Dye Candlesticks are Stylish and Cost-Effective

This dip-dye wooden candlesticks tutorial is a low-cost and classy way to add some color to your decor.

The base of these candlesticks are made using varying sizes of rectangular wood blocks with inch-wide holes drilled into them to fit the candles. The blocks are then dipped into a basin of colored die of your choice. To create the dip-dye effect, re-dip the wood blocks several times so that the dye penetrates the wood at different stages. This is what creates that modern effect of multiple layers of color that darken towards the bottom of the candlestick.

These dip-dye wooden candlesticks would make an elegant centerpiece at weddings, birthdays or dinner parties and no one has to know how little you had to spend to make them!