Greg Bogin's Fluorescent Dystopias Series Embraces Color

Brooklyn-based visual artist Greg Bogin stuns with his minimalist and eye-catching 'Fluorescent Dystopias' series. The artist creates a range of simplistic compositions that take on the forms of distorted circles, squares and semi-circular elements.

These organic geometry canvases play with light and shadow and boast fluorescent color combinations. 'While his pieces are carefree, glossy and light at first glance, Greg Bogin's works are bred from a deep analysis of art history and of themes connected to contemporary society'.

The artist experiments with vivid and contrasting hues, gradients and effects that resemble those seen in Op Art. Each of the pieces in his 'Fluorescent Dystopias' series draws the viewer in and is reminiscent of chromatic photo filters that capture the world through sublime eyes.