The Cloud Pendant Lamp Features a Pink Gradient Like the Setting Sun

 - Feb 28, 2014
References: & mocoloco
The sun is the original source of illumination, so in the design of the Bsweden Cloud Pendant Lamp, nature was looked to for inspiration once more. This adorable light fixture has the soft billowing surface of clustered condensation in the sky, yet it's been formally rationalized for a more symmetrical shape.

Dangling from a thin wire, the Jonas Wagell piece looks a little bit different from every angle, upholding this organic appearance that makes a natural reference. The frosted glass material has been manipulated in color as well. It's been given a rosy red tint to its top that keeps the Cloud Pendant Lamp from casting a great deal of light on the ceiling. This pinky pigment fades out towards the bottom of the fixture, enabling a brighter emission beneath it.