Susan Dwyer Inflates Polyurethane for Unique Brand of Art

 - Aug 4, 2012
References: susandwyer & brwnpaperbag
The beauty of modern art is that it can be made from virtually any material, and Susan Dwyer demonstrates that fact with these inflated pillow-like creations. The pieces you're currently looking at are made from polyurethane plastics that have been stretched thinly and then assembled and pumped with air to resemble balloons. Dwyer colors some of these works in an ombre manner using acrylic paints. That task is no doubt a difficult one considering her work could literally pop if too much pressure is applied. It’s hard to quantify what these things are, but there's no denying that they have a visual charm.

As for Susan Dwyer herself, she is a Chicago-based artist who describes her own work as "bulges." Many of her framed pieces literally protrude at the viewer in a bulgy manner.