Neighbors were Spooked by This Scary Halloween Prank

 - Oct 18, 2013
References: formyhour
This scary Halloween prank by Johnnie Mullins takes Halloween decor to gruesome new levels. In an effort to get creative with her outdoor Halloween decorations, Mullins placed two very convincing dummies in her driveway and covered them with fake blood. These driveway dwellers were so life-like that a few of her neighbors actually called the police.

One blood-covered corpse was found by the garage door. It was set up to look as though it had been decapitated. Another was wedged underneath her truck, making it look as though someone had been run over.

These controversial Halloween decorations are guaranteed to freak out passersby, and while they may not be ideal for houses expecting young trick-or-treaters, they’re perfect for adult Halloween parties. Halloween is the one time of year when spooking your neighbors is totally acceptable, and these grizzly murder scene dummies are sure to do that.