This Tie Dye Parasol is a Pretty Burst of Color in Any Setting

 - Jun 24, 2013
References: ilovetocreateblog.blogspot
This tie dye parasol resembles something like a paper lantern, due to its rice paper texture. The only difference is that these parasols are adorably decorated around their tips with beautiful summery colors, using a tie dye kit.

A DIY pictorial on the iLoveToCreate blog will show you exactly what you need to do. Tie dye works well on paper. Using simple paper umbrellas made from rice paper as the canvas, sweep your paint brush around the edges using the dye mixture.

The colors are vibrant, but at the same time washed out and not harsh—just enough to add a splash of color wherever you decide to place them. They even look great hanging from the ceiling or just set up on a table. This simple DIY would be fun as a shower craft.