These Tie-Dyed Shoes Make the Perfect Summer Statement

 - Jul 15, 2015
Tie-dyed shoes are a stylish summer staple that seem to stay every summer and spring season. These shoes are fresh, fun and portray a funky color palette.

While some of these shoes are DIYs that wearers can make themselves, some pairs are retailed with the tie-dye effect already in tow. Emerica Reynolds Cruisers are skater shoes inspired by the video game Skate 3 while DIY celestial sneakers allow wearers to brand their favorite kicks with their own multicolored musings.

Nike is a popular shoe manufacturer that has also dabbled in the tie-dye aesthetic. The New Balance Revlite Rainbow sneaker portrays ombre paneling that only a tasteful tie-dye job can do while the Stefan Janoski Nike SB's make a vibrant pair of tie-dyed shoes.