This Tropical Drink Accessory Decor by Family Chic is Unorthodox

 - Jan 9, 2013
References: cfabbridesigns
While the common denotation surrounding wreaths is that they are reserved for Christmas, this decor by Family Chic refuses to believe this. They do this by introducing a new variety of wreaths made from unorthodox materials that are holiday neutral. It is also important to note that this wreath is DIY and can be created with a little creativity, loads of paper umbrellas and with a minimal expense on your part. Parasols can be woven through the foam or grapevine wreath rather than glued. This makes it a mess-free craft for the kids.

If you have ever order a Pina Colada or drink of a tropical variety you've probably laid eyes on these paper parasols. Often constructed of decoratively patterned paper and with a toothpick for a handle, the main purpose of this accessory is to hold pieces of fruit in your drink. This decor by Family Chic removes umbrellas from cocktail glasses and tumblers and infuses them into a wreath that can be hung all year round.