This Cool Brolly Ensures That Even Sideways Rain Doesn't Stand a Chance

 - Sep 26, 2013
References: flickr & justimagine-ddoc
I would love to know where one can buy this Cool Brolly, which Kiks Balayon saw in Tokyo, Japan. A close look at this snapshot will reveal that it's a compound creation of five transparent parasols, connected together to become an all-encompassing rain-proof shelter. You could conceivably make one yourself.

The arrangement comprises four shower shields that are pointed perpendicularly to the person inside; only one is positioned straight up. The triangular gaps that occur between the octagonal edges have been filled in with water-resistant material and given vents to prevent condensation within. No matter how bad of a storm you're exposed to outside, this Cool Brolly guarantees that your upper three quarters will remain dry.