Lean-able Umbrella Stays Propped Up Against Walls

 - Oct 29, 2012
References: yankodesign & trendsnow.net
The Lean-able Umbrella happens to look like it is cat that got into an alleyway fight and lost its tail. The curved handle hook has been lopped off in a way that seems to have been accidental at first. That is because the rest of the design is so traditional. Nevertheless, it has been done completely on purpose. The handle has been stopped prematurely to allow it to lean, hence the name, Lean-able Umbrella.

Designed by Cheol Woong Seo and Jae Hee Park, the Lean-able Umbrella addresses an annoyingly common occurrence: Without fail, umbrellas tend to fall to the side when propped up against a wall. Thanks to its flattened handle and a non-slip silicone pad on its end, the Lean-able Umbrella will stay where it was placed.