The Pump Umbrella Eliminates the Wet Fabric of Conventional Designs

 - Jan 10, 2013
References: youtube & yankodesign
If you've got an umbrella handy when a torrential downpour begins, I figured you've got less to complain about than many of your fellow pedestrians. However, the Pump Umbrella does solve a legitimate problem that people face when they bring their rain covers indoors.

This innovative design by Mingyeon Jang and Kiho Jung incorporates an air pressurizing handle and a fine filmy balloon. The contraption remains a compact cane when it's not in use and you simply extend the length of it in the instance of showers. Apply three compressions to the tubing and the circular shield will expand out from the top. Once you've found refuge indoors, the Pump Umbrella can be easily deflated to remove the soaking wet material. It packs away tightly until you venture back outside.