The 'Spiro' Umbrella Purifies the Air Around Smokers

 - Jun 10, 2013
References: yankodesign
The 'Spiro' umbrella purifies the air around smokers while providing a sleek shelter from the elements. Conceived by designer Csaba Kálmán, the umbrella works to actively remove smoke from an area in order to allow non-smokers to enjoy a smoke-free environment.

Using a powerful filter, the Spiro sucks up smoke-tainted air and purifies it. Carbon filters remove harmful chemicals and smoke from the air while preventing airborne carcinogens from escaping. Included on the umbrella stand is an ashtray to further reduce the impact of smoking.

Within the Spiro filters is recycled material from cigarettes. Reprocessed cigarette butts made from cellulose acetate are used to filter smoke from the environment. Since 1.7 billion pounds of cellulose acetate end up in landfills every year, recycling them serves to lessen the environmental impact of cigarettes.