When Wet, the POPI Umbrella Can be Sealed Within itself

 - Oct 12, 2011
References: givingshape.it & yankodesign
It's too easy to bring the rain inside with you if you're toting a dripping umbrella, so quite cleverly, Massimo Battaglia has come up with a bone-dry solution to this sopping problem in the form of the POPI Umbrella.

In terms of operation, this innovative parasol pops into its opened and closed positions with the simple press of a button on its grip. This is not unlike many designs currently on the market. Where it differs, however, is in the apparatus' handle, offering the user a comfortable ergonomic hilt, which is actually large enough to store the entirety of the contraption inside.

Apparently made of some sort of plastic, the container is fused to the base of the retractable metal shaft, incorporating a cap to form a hermetic seal with the soaking POPI Umbrella held within.