Zip Tie Chair is Composed of Linked Plastic Loops That Cradle the Sitter

 - Feb 5, 2014
References: alexanderrehn
You might wonder how the spiky texture of the Zip Tie Chair was created, but upon learning its name, the answer becomes obvious. Interestingly, what you're seeing is not a complete meshed metal bucket seat, but rather a sturdy tubular steel hoop that has a net woven within it.

Alexander Rehn used 2,000 wire ties to assemble a web of connected loops that cannot be broken without a knife or a pair of scissors. The bands are tightly bound and their protruding tips are all angled down towards the floor. Anyone who sits in the Zip Tie Chair (ZTC) will feel the tight and supportive surface of the seat, behaving as a hammock with the way that it firmly hugs the contours of your body while you're curled up comfortably.