the Maribu Birdbath Brings Landscape Sculpture into the 21st Century

 - Jun 21, 2012
References: joepaine.withtank &
Likely the image that most people see when they think about the concept of a bird bath is the elegant and romantic stone sculpture in the gardens of some gorgeous old French manor. The Maribu Birdbath is much different.

Abandoning the integration of a pedestal entirely, Joe Paine's contemporary work comprises a slender pole painted white that extends upwards and then bends down to hold the weight of a suspended liquid-filled bowl beneath. The shape of the black dish is pure and geometric with a beautiful parabolic curve. A flat incised grate sits into the avian bathtub, providing a shallow place to stand and allowing water to seep up through the cracks. The Maribu Birdbath also has an additional perch for times of high rainfall.