Under the Influence by Tristin Lowe is an Interaction of Two Elements

 - Jun 6, 2013
References: tristinlowe.org & lustik.tumblr
Composed of two separate pieces, the 'Under the Influence' art installation by artist Tristin Lowe analyzes how extremely different elements interact with each other.

The most noticeable component is the giant sphere sitting in the middle of the room, reaching almost from floor to ceiling. This giant moon-like sculpture with craters along its surface is called 'Lunacy,' a mysterious orb that brings an element of outer space to Earth. A strangely shaped array of fluorescent light casts an eerie blue glow on this sculpture, and thus we are introduced to the second component entitled 'Visither I.'

The strange neon light serves to enhance the moon sculpture through light and shadow, thus completing the effect of the 'Under the Influence' installation.