WWAKE Choker Necklaces are Charming Metal Rings Molded by Hand

Gorgeously wrought by hand, the choker necklaces by WWAKE are inspirational pieces that invoke natural imagery such as the thin crescent of a waning moon.

Composed of metals such as gold, silver and bronze, the necklaces are like rings or bangles for the neck, solid in their construction with an opening for slipping on and off. In various thicknesses that slightly differ from one another, the chokers have interesting textures that almost look like fingerprints. Whether thin or thick, these make for eye-catching jewelry that is versatile enough to look glamorous when paired with a cocktail dress, a white collared blouse or even a white tee-shirt and a chic blazer or leather jacket.

The WWAKE choker necklaces have a beautiful minimalist design that can be layered with longer chain necklaces.