Add Some Fun to your Kid's Bath Time with Pokeball Bath Bombs

 - Mar 30, 2014
References: etsy & gizmodiva
If you have a kid who hates taking a bath, a set of pokeball bath bombs from FizzyFairyApothecary on Etsy will entice them to want to get clean after a day of play.

These balls of soap come in different colors and they are designed to look like pokeballs, making you want to catch 'em all! For added variety, each bath bomb has a different scent. For example, the classic red, white and black ball smells like Japanese Cherry Blossom, the premiere ball smells like oatmeal milk and honey and the great ball smells like yummy Blueberry Cobbler.

To keep your child completely entertained, these pokeball bath bombs come with a surprise; once the bomb dissolves, your kid will find a Pokemon inside!