Airware’s Drones Aim to Protect Endangered Animals in Kenya

 - Jan 22, 2014
References: youtube & fastcoexist
As the problematic issues of wildlife conservation continues to increase due to rising activity of illegal wildlife poaching in Africa, the American company Airware strives to put the function of drones to good use. Airware's drones have been designed to watch over and guard endangered animal species in Kenya.

Airware puts drone technology to good use by redefining traditional animal protection methods, where wildlife reserves in the past, have maintained a lookout for poachers by relying on a small number of safari rangers to help conserve the wildlife. Airware’s drones uses its infrared technologies to fly over 90,000 acres of land reserve, video logging and documenting every single person, animal, vehicle of transportation that comes in the its visual path.

The drone also works days and nights. Downey, the CEO of Airware said, "we were very successful in all the things we wanted to demonstrate—spotting animals, identifying animals from the air day and night, being able to spot people, operating outside of lines of site…real-time digital communications sent to the ground."