- May 28, 2015
These space travel innovations range from portable space taxis to galactic tourism expeditions that aim is to send travelers to the moon and back. While the idea of accessible space travel for all has been in the works for years, our generation's evolving technology makes this concept appear more real than ever before. Just recently, Russia announced its plans to make space tourism available by as early as 2018.

While luxury car manufacturers are creating their very own, branded spacecraft models -- Italian brand Ferrari recently revealed a concept design that marries aesthetics with performance -- physicists are exploring ways to enhance spacecraft speeds to levels never seen before. In addition to high tech spacecraft vehicles, this list also zones in on space travel innovations like Warp Drive, an electromagnetic propulsion system that may be able to send astronauts to Mars in only 70 days.

Other standouts include 360 degree observation decks that are set to take off in the near future, allowing first-time galactic explorers to get an unprecedented view of our world and its surrounding scenery.

From Miniature Space Taxis to Vanguard Spaceship Concepts: