A Morrissey Music-Featuring PETA Video Promotes Going Vegan Today

 - May 22, 2014
References: peta.org & designtaxi
If you've ever considered going vegan, this illustrated PETA video will likely send you over the edge. Entitled 'Someday,' the animated account of a terrified chick urges people to adopt a vegan diet today--not someday.

Animal rights group PETA (or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) uses Morrissey's 'I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday' as the soundtrack for this harrowing tale. The PETA video follows a typical experience of a chicken raised for meat. As a young chick's tragic life plays out, we see it being separated from its mother, seeing its friends die and growing up in a cramped cage.

The PETA video was so moving, the iconic English singer will be using it as a part of his new opening act.