Pearlfisher's Avian Packaging is Beautifully Minimalist

 - May 31, 2013
References: designtaxi
In a supplement branding effort to differentiate 'Strong' supplements, designers at Pearlfisher created a series of symbolic avians to adorn the bottles. Each supplement bottle is branded with a different flying animal illustration that represents the product's contents. Combined with a minimalist bottle design, the illustrations make for some beautiful packaging.

Each bird illustration was designed to give the user a convenient representation of the supplement's benefits. The 'brain box' is adorned with a drawing of an owl to represent wisdom while the 'chill pill' supplement has a relaxed pigeon. The 'sunshine pill' is illustrated with a bright yellow canary.

Pearlfisher's amazing designs come from experience designing packaging for conglomerates such as Starbucks and Cadbury. With minimalist illustrations to augment an already simple value proposition, Strong's supplements are sure to carve a strong position in the nutrition market.