Bizarre Wine Packaging Exudes an Enchanting Eccentricity

 - Jan 5, 2012
References: & lovelypackage
When it comes to developing a visual identity for a brand of wine, there is merit in instilling an element of oddity. Bizarre Wine packaging explores this realm of the unusual and would thus succeed to attract consumers' attention amidst rows of nearly identical bottles on the shelf.

Many do shop for vino based on the label, and this design by Jordan Jelev of Bulgaria strikes an artful balance between awkward and refined. The name of the product demanded a peculiar image and so a gangling bird was chosen as the face of the alcoholic drink.

But the inelegant beaked character had to be rendered debonaire, so he was depicted with the perfect posture of a dignified man. Bizarre Wine packaging is illustrated with a classic sketched technique, dressing the quirky creature in a tailored suit.