Milimetric Wine Packaging Expresses the Concept of Recipe Accuracy

 - Feb 12, 2014
References: walrusfullstop & packagingoftheworld
While winemaking is certainly an art form, Milimetric Wine packaging underlines the idea that it is also a scientific equation. David CapĆ³ of the Walrus studio set out to represent this beautiful beverage for Cellers Vallbona in an atypically tasty way.

Precision Viticulture signifies the concept that vino production has been tried and tested for such a long time that wineries are now able to meticulously make each blend for predictable results. To communicate this, the designer made a label for the vessel that's printed like graph paper, as if the creator might use such a surface for calculating the perfect ingredient combinations and fermentation processes. Milimetric Wine packaging features a 10 to the power of -3 to represent the distinctively defined value of a small single millimeter.