MIA Fruit Wine Packaging Tempts You With References to Traveling

 - Jan 17, 2014
References: behance.net & packagingoftheworld
This MIA Fruit Wine packaging strategy goes beyond relying on the quality of the alcoholic beverage and its scrumptious taste; it is intended to stir up memories, dreams and sensations in the consumer that will make the product all the more appealing.

Milya Ptitsyna of the British Higher School of Art and Design hoped to create an emotional connection with the buyer, appealing to those people who are excited by the idea of travel. Suggesting the name 'Missing in Action,' each label includes a small symbol on the wine bottle of either a convertible car, a cruise ship or an airplane. Also quite predominantly featured on MIA Fruit Wine packaging is an image of the tropical fruit that gives that particular liquid its scrumptious flavor.