BLOCD/ Promotional Packaging Pictures the Entire Design Team

 - Jan 15, 2015
References: blocd & packagingoftheworld
There is something doubly tangible about the technique employed by this design and communications firm in their creation of these illustrated wine bottle wrappers. Most obviously, the smooth glass material has been swathed with a layer of crinkling paper, appealing to the sense of touch in an unexpected way. But more than that, the drawings that have been included on the tactile packaging present a real reference to the people behind this product.

What you see here is a self-promotional strategy at Christmastime, involving the giving away of BLOCD/ wine to clients. The creative team doodled up a graphic of their office building, complete with the festive partying of the agency's many employees. The hand-printed labels were twisted around each bottle of wine and fastened carefully with twine in a friendly and intimate gesture.