Philippe Guillerm Breathes Playful Life into the Musical Instrument

 - Nov 2, 2012
References: guillermsculptures & neatorama
Artist Philippe Guillerm has brought the violin to life. Although these musical instruments can be described as lively, it is more often than not the music that they produce that is so. Instead of focusing on the music, Philippe Guillerm focuses on their physical form.

From affectionate violins to violent violins, Philippe Guillerm carves playful sculptures that look like they were inspired by freeze frames from a Disney movie. As though inspired by the emotions the violin's music inspires in others, his sculptures personify happiness, love and even hate. Despite the range of feelings each of Philippe Guillerm's sculptures touches upon, they will all bring a smile to people's faces. Especially because, in the end, each artwork has a mischievous undertone that is simply adorable.