The Sala de Pesquisa Campaign Emphasizes the Importance of Listening

 - May 17, 2012
References: & adsoftheworld
Listening first and talking second is a very good mantra that these Sala De Pesquisa ads are attempting to instill in their customers. Attention-grabbing, slightly twisted and undeniably entertaining, this campaign will leave your eyes in awe.

Created by advertising agency 141 SohoSquare in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the campaign is a combination of humour and seriousness all captured in one facial expression. Sala De Pesquisa is a market research company with the slogan of "listen to what your consumers think." The campaign clearly exhibits the importance they place on this, replacing the mouth with the forehead for a morphed version of a face.

Stopping you dead in your tracks with its peculiar imagery, these Sala De Pesquisa ads will make you stop and think for a moment.