Beth Cavener Stichter Focuses on Human Psychology in a Wild Way

 - Aug 21, 2012
References: followtheblackrabbit & m.neatorama
While some people already view typical animals as savage creatures, Beth Cavener Stichter takes it to a whole new level. The talented artist portrays animals in a surreal manner, acting in ways they would not normally act. From french-kissing animals to awkwardly posed ones, the sculptures are incredibly detailed. Yet this detail doesn't make them look like the real deal. Instead, they look like real-life versions of sketches found in children books.

Made out of raw clay, Beth Cavener Stichter's works of art all have a rough touch that is not often typical of such sculptures. Full of texture and natural beauty, there is a majestic quality about each animal that is not tarnished by its savageness. If anything, it is heightened because of that wild element.

Beth Cavener Stichter writes, "The sculptures I create focus on human psychology, stripped of context and rationalization, and articulated through animal and human forms."