From DIY Any Flavor Freezies to Couture Gourd Carvings

 - Sep 17, 2013
With fall weather upon us, what better way to embrace the change in seasons than with a list of creative pumpkin trends? The vast majority of these innovative ideas are food and dessert-related, which is definitely to be expected. This includes pumpkin-flavored french toast, marshmallows, granola bars, ice cream, macaroons, pancakes and a plethora of other pastries.

With Halloween right around the corner, unique Jack-O-Lanterns are also plentiful. Whether one is carving rappers or Johnny Depp characters, these creative pumpkin carving ideas are not to be missed.

Other pumpkin products include scented lip balm, decor, dog collars, purses, smoking devices, furniture, perfume and infant-sized costumes. Whether it's Halloween or harvest time, this list is a great way to fall into autumn.