The Thumbtack Pumpkin Tutorial is a Cheap Way to Create Glamor

 - Oct 29, 2012
An easy way to invigorate one's pumpkin is to instill fun in it with some of your office supplies, and the thumbtack pumpkin tutorial is a great way to glamorize anyone's Halloween decor. By painting the pumpkin baby blue and adding gold push pins to it, the offset of the colors leave the pumpkin a stunning portrayal of French country chic.

The thumbtack pumpkin tutorial is cheap as the supplies can be found around one's home or purchased in-store at an extremely low cost. The pushpins can be arranged in any direction and shape one should choose. If zigzags aren't your style then cover the whole pumpkin for an all metallic vibe. The possibilities are endless with the patterns one could create with the thumbtack pumpkin tutorial.