Jeff Koons' Pink Panther Sculpture Tributes a Classic Charac

 - Mar 14, 2011
References: reuters & bornrich
If you’re an avid collector of rare and high-profile artworks, then you might want to seize the opportunity to get your hands on an extremely rare original of Jeff Koons’ Pink Panther sculpture.

As one of only three ever made by the celebrated artist, this unusual tribute to the iconic Pink Panther made in 1988 is set to go up for auction as a part of Sotheby’s upcoming contemporary art sale. Jeff Koons’ Pink Panther sculpture features a half-naked blond woman holding the cartoon Panther in a somewhat awkward embrace, but there is nothing hesitant or uncertain about the excitement that the piece’s upcoming auction is generating with some experts estimating that it could sell for upwards of $30 million.

No matter how much it sells for, one thing is definitely certain: Jeff Koons’ Pink Panther sculpture will never be as priceless as Peter Seller’s portrayal of Inspector Clouseau in the hilarious Pink Panther film franchise.