Rafael Koff Depicts Freddy Krueger & Jason Voorhees as Best Buds

 - Jun 13, 2012
References: flickr & blog.thaeger
The movie industry may have pitted Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger against one another in ‘Freddy vs. Jason,’ but all Rafael Koff wants is to see the two legendary horror film monsters as best buds. Thus he began illustrating cartoon versions of the serial killers engaged in cute activities that dwarf all prior bromances that came before them. From making snow angels in the blood of their victims to eating the intestines of a newly butchered man, Koff’s drawings are the pinnacle of adorable, even if there are gruesome undertones to all these images.

Rafael Koff titled this series ‘Freddy and Jason Have Fun,’ and from the gleeful expressions of the two characters, it appears they’re doing just that. If anyone ever needed exemplars of dark humor done well, Koff’s cartoons would be a great place to start.