The Intoxicated Demons Robert Proch Series is Ethereal

What drives people to buy art, especially expensive art? Is it the grand idea, the talented artist’s touch or just a pure love for art? Whatever the reason, the Intoxicated Demons Robert Proch mixed-media series is a must-have collection for any art collector.

It’s impossible not to fall in love with a painting that embodies something new, especially if it has an ethereal vibe to it. Intoxicated Demons presents this ethereal painting style, along with wild distortions and a sinister edge.

The collections' titles, such as Fur Fear, Freezed, Smoked Out, Back Ake and States, actually refer to the dark distorted styles of each of the paintings. Captured on canvas and paper, the Intoxicated Demons Robert Proch series features sinister characters that are sure to grab the attention of any viewer.