Nicola Smanio's Artwork Depicts Eerie Cartoon-Like Violence

 - Jun 2, 2013
References: nicolasmanio & lostateminor
The grotesque illustrations from Swedish artist Nicola Smanio depict different characters engaged in cartoon-like violence. A child running to hug an angry grizzly bear, a nude woman bent over with forks stabbed into her back and a gun made entirely out of spaghetti and dripping with pasta sauce blood are only a few of Smanio's nightmarish creations.

Each piece evokes the feeling of being trapped inside a bad dream. The cartoon-like qualities of each subject only enhance the eerie other-worldly atmosphere of Smanio's works. The child hugging the grizzly bear looks like an animated princess but the viewer is aware that she is about to be mauled. This causes the viewer to turn away from these works with a sense of foreboding and dread. Even though they're cartoonish these works definitely aren't happy-go-lucky.