John Matta's Napkins Feature Quips About Modern Life

 - Jul 7, 2013
References: & lostateminor
Illustrator John Matta has just posted some of his hilarious napkin doodles, which until recently had remained private. Each of his napkin artworks displays a little cartoon with a tongue-in-cheek (and often pun-filled) approach to contemporary life.

One of the funniest of Matta's creations features a serial killer that looks uncannily like Jason from the Friday the 13th franchise, holding his infamous machete. Matta's caption reads: "Serial killer advice #14: When choosing a murder weapon, make sure it doesn't have a bell on the end." Another cartoon shows a guy looking pretty pensive, while thinking, "The voices in my head just got a dog. Now how are they going to go away on the weekends?"

These comical and quirky approaches to pop culture and everyday life prove that art can have a humorous side. Hopefully John Matta will continue to create his napkin cartoons, tackling everyone from literary figures to fictional serial killers.