Beware: This Nicholas Lockyer Artwork May Give You Nightmares

 - Sep 2, 2012
References: flickr & beautifuldecay
This Nicholas Lockyer artwork is filled with bizarre distortion that channels death and misfortune. The creepy collages were created by the UK-based artist and depict freakishly uncanny images of human figures. Lockyer juxtaposes the real with the supernatural in his work, including everything from bats and snakes to ghoulish faces. The nightmarish collages are meant to serve as a reminder of the obsession that society places on external beauty. Lockyer’s response to this is creating disfigured faces that were once "beautiful," in order to make them more interesting or disturbing.

According to Lockyer’s website, "the images become an analogy for our modern world. They deal with the ideas of fear and the idea of ‘Body Shock Horror’ made famous by the director David Lynch." Looking at this Nicholas Lockyer artwork gives the viewer perspective on superficiality and helps them to rethink priorities.