Brandi Milne's Artwork Exudes Emotional Distraught and Distress

 - Jun 18, 2014
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There are so many juxtaposing feelings in these strangely surreal illustrations by self-taught illustrator Brandi Milne. At first, the images seem to be Halloween-themed because of the smiling pumpkins and skeletons seen in some of them. But then when you look closer, some of the artwork takes on a Christmas theme with tiny elephants donning reindeer antlers. But then when you look even closer, you see that each of the images features wildlife -- whether it be a sick lamb or a dying deer or floating whales with their mouths wide open with pink swans swimming into them -- and they all seem to be lost, sick or dying.

Aside from the use of animals in her strangely surreal illustrations, Milne creates work that always has a shy female figure with no features except drawn eyelashes as the muse of the piece.