KreatureKid's Shrunken Head Creations are Cartoonishly Dark

 - Aug 21, 2013
References: kreaturekid.tumblr & laughingsquid
Adam Dougherty, better known as the KreatureKid is an artist obsessed with the darkly humorous, so it's no surprise that his most recent collection features a ton of shrunken head sculptures, all with comically cartoonish expressions on their withered faces.

Each of Dougherty's shrunken heads is a shockingly bright color, from lime green to baby blue. These bright colors contrast the subject matter's dark undertones, while enhancing the cartoonish aspect of the creations. The heads' bulging eyes and over-emotional facial expressions make them seem hilariously inhuman. For this reason, Dougherty's sculptures channel an animated, cartoon-like quality that perfectly channels his morbid mentality.

Dougherty's other creations also focus on macabre subjects, like Frankenstein's monster and voodoo magic, but these shrunken heads are possibly his most memorable collection yet. Their strange expressions, grotesque appearance, and animated elements all serve to make these creations both somber and chuckle-worthy.