Mac vs PC in Transformer-Style Viral Showdown

 - Dec 28, 2008
References: viralvideochart
Dan Chianelli and Nick Greenlee directed this terrific computer animated video of the ultimate Mac vs. PC showdown. In the video, two teens are engaged in the classic argument of which computer is better when suddenly, the Microsoft PC transforms into a robot and then the Apple Mac follows suit. 

Terminator-type music plays in the background as the Mac and Windows-based PC robots duke it out. At first, the PC transformer robot appears to be getting the best of the Mac transformer robot--that, is until the Mac reboots and multiplies.

Even more enjoyable than the Mac Robot vs. PC Robot video, in my opinion, are the arguments taking place within the comment section of YouTube. It cracks me up to see people arguing with such ferocity over which computer, PC or Mac, is the best.

We all know Mac wins hands down.