These Gems Help Celebrate the Comedian's New Series

 - Jul 19, 2012
These Jerry Seinfeld creations will get any fan revved up for the debut of Seinfeld's new web series 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.' Considered one of the top American stand-up comedians out there, Seinfeld has spawned a cult following since his semi-fictional show about nothing. Since the 10-year run of the Seinfeld sitcom, Jerry has worked on a plethora of projects and is still continually commemorated for his iconic role.

The continual revival of the television classic online comes in the form of everything from dramatic sitcom re-cuts to modernizing the show with social media sitcom parodies. Fans have even spawned educational sitcom sites for the show including one entitled 'The Economics of Seinfeld.' It wasn't until the 90s TV show revivals that reunited the cast on Larry David's show Curb Your Enthusiasm for an episode that fans felt satisfied after years of patiently waiting.

However, Seinfeld is still bringing in the big bucks and is even being hired to help create comedic Microsoft ads. These spots were $300 million comedic rebuttals to Apple's continually poking at the competing computer software company. It is clear that Jerry Seinfeld is still comedy gold.