10 Festivus Appropriate Gifts

 - Dec 3, 2008
References: festivuspoles
Ever since the December 18, 1997 episode of the ‘Festivus’ holiday aired on ‘Seinfeld’, the holiday has turned into a pop cultural event that is celebrated in a growing amount of cities and towns around the United States. 

In fact, there are quite a few companies online who sell Festivus Poles, or that allow you to download free Festivus invites (like the ones featured in the gallery), and more. 

Festivus officially begins with the ‘airing of grievances’ and everyone who participates in this fun, albeit somewhat mean-spirited holiday, expects to be insulted or offended in some manner—they know their feelings may be hurt. 

However, not everyone is comfortable when it comes to ‘airing grievances’. In the related trends cluster, you’ll find a few handouts and gifts that can do it for you. If someone has been an ass or you’d like to give them the finger, the umbrellas featured are perfect. Insult cards, subversive cross stitches and offensive toys may do the trick too.

That said, have a Happy Festivus! And remember, it ain’t over until the head honcho is pinned down.