From Trekkie Kitchen Accessories to Sci-Fi Firearms

 - Aug 22, 2013
These geeky Star Trek collectibles are perfect for any diehard Sci-Fi fan looking to pay tribute to this classic intergalactic series.

Star Trek has been delighting fans all over the globe ever since it first aired on television in the late 1960s. The combination of space-age themes, galactic imagery and futuristic references served to capture the interest and imagination of both teenagers and adults. And with new movie adaptations constantly coming out on the big screen, modern generations of youth are able to appreciate the immense popularity and allure that the Star Trek film franchise has. It is because of the worldwide recognition that this film has that collectibles and memorabilia have emerged catering to that Sci-Fi fan base.

From Vulcan sign oven mitts to tasteful trekkie frocks, these Star Trek collectibles will surely satisfy any committed Sci-Fi fan.