The Worf Hoodie Sweatshirt Turns You into a Star Trek Lieutenant

 - Dec 29, 2012
References: etsy & fashionablygeek
The Worf hoodie sweatshirt makes turning into the son of Mogh easier than sending a Vulcan peace sign.

The sewn pullover even includes a sash made to look like chain mail that is adorned with felt medals. Wearers of the sweater are able to flip up the hood and marvel as their foreheads become ridged like Lieutenant Worf from Star Trek The Next Generation.

By choosing to wear the Worf Hoodie Sweatshirt made by 'Amy from Ewoks in Tutus' on Etsy, you can become an honorary troop of the Star Trek fleet. Best of all, with little to no effort at all you can obtain a Klingon forehead -- something that takes an abundance of patience to craft yourself without the help of the hoodie (not that I've tried...).