Berg Studio Designs Snowspeeder, X-Wing and Millenium Falcon Prints

Whether or not you are a Star Wars or Star Trek fanatic, these black-and-white art prints from Berg studio are sure to reawaken your love for science fiction. The Snowspeeder, X-Wing and Millennium Falcon are the three iconic spacecrafts that Berg studio has used for its most recent art series.

The black-and-white colorings give these iconic spacecrafts a timeless touch. Shot from an aerial perspective with nothing more than darker shades surrounding the ships, the spacecrafts look suspended in time and motionless. Each design is printed on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Fine art paper.

Berg is a UK-based design studio that creates a wide range of innovative designs, from branding for client companies to interdisciplinary media and public art. The prints can be bought online at for 60 pounds each.